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At Eyes in the Glebe, we perform a rigorous 12-Point Eye Examination. We will review your medical and ocular history with you, assess the movement and alignment of your eyes (binocular muscle balance), check your prescription, and then assess the overall health of your eyes. All of this will be performed with the most up-to-date ophthalmic equipment – we truly believe in the benefits of staying current and using the most advanced technology for early diagnosis and disease management. For patients ages 20-64, OCT and retinal imaging are standard components of the eye examination and included in the comprehensive eye examination. Please note that patients who are insured by OHIP for their eye health evaluation, the OCT scan is not covered by OHIP and will incur an additional fee.

Careful! Even if think you are seeing well, you may not be. Furthermore, there may still be physiological changes occurring without you knowing. As an example, glaucoma is the ‘silent thief of sight’ because it gradually robs you of your peripheral vision without you knowing. During a comprehensive eye exam, an optometrist will be able to detect early signs eye disease.

At Eyes in the Glebe, we have invested in leading-edge technology to preserve the gift of sight for our patients. As such, at Eyes in the Glebe both the advanced OCT scan and retinal imaging are standard components of a comprehensive eye examination and included in the standard fee. A comprehensive 12-point eye examination including both OCT and retinal imaging at Eyes in the Glebe for patients aged 20 to 64, is $160. Please note that patients who are insured by OHIP for their eye health evaluation, the OCT scan is not covered by OHIP and will incur an additional fee. Please note that private insurance coverage is an agreement between the insurance company and the patient. Every insurance plan is different and thus it is impossible for our office to know the specifics of each individual plan. Thus, it is the patient’s responsibility to confirm insurance coverage and eligibility. Eyes in the Glebe does not bill insurance plans directly. Please note that we are a cashless office, and accept debit and credit payments only.

A professional contact lens assessment and/or fitting is an additional service and not part of the routine 12-point eye examination. The fee for contact lens fittings varies, and depends on the type of contact lens worn. It is best to call the office ahead of time to confirm the contact lens-related service fees. It is important to remember that a contact lens is a medical device which is fit onto the surface of your eye (the cornea) and carries its own risks of prolonged wear. The optometrist will always recommend the best, most current lens for you to optimize your wearing comfort and eye health.

Your time is precious and so is the time of other patients; as such, when you miss your appointment, it unfairly leaves a gap in service time for our office and other patients. In an effort to deter missed appointments, Eyes in the Glebe requests a 24-hour notice of any cancellations or changes to scheduled appointments. If 24-hour notice is not provided, there will be a $40 missed appointment fee levied.

The fastest way to receive care would be to make an appointment to visit the office. The optometrist will assess the cause of the pink eye to ensure proper diagnosis and follow-up care and management. There are many causes of pink or ‘red eye’ and many do require some form of medical treatment.

Of course! We can’t wait to fit you with frames from one of our unique collections that we have built our reputation on. Let us help you express your individuality, professionalism, and character with frames from the boutique. You deserve to be you, so please come on in!

At Eyes in the Glebe, we value technology and preserving the gift of sight for as long as possible. The OCT scan goes much deeper than a typical retinal photograph; the OCT scan is a non-invasive medical imaging technique used to observe the individual tissue layers behind the eye which are impossible to see with the naked eye. Both retinal imaging and an OCT scan are standard components of a comprehensive eye examination at Eyes in the Glebe for patients between the ages of 20-64. An ocular coherence tomography (OCT) is used to detect and monitor early signs of macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy as well as many other eye complications. Please note that patients who are insured by OHIP for their eye health evaluation, the OCT scan is not covered by OHIP and will incur an additional fee.

We recommend annual eye exams for all our patients regardless of age,, unless specifically instructed otherwise. Children (19 years of age and under) and Seniors (65 years of age and over) are covered annually for their eye examinations by OHIP. Children are encouraged to be examined as early as 6 months of age.

We can diagnose and treat various forms of dye eye in the office. Treatment solutions include a professional recommendation of an artificial tears solution that is best for you, the insertion of punctal plugs to slow the drainage of tears, Schirmer’s Test for the diagnosis of aqueous-deficient dry eye, the prescribing of moisture-releasing hot compresses such as Bruder Masks, and if necessary, the referral to a corneal specialist for the prescribing of auto-immune suppressing drops.

Dr. Mithani spent several months in both Toronto and Houston, Texas training in the proper pre- and post-operative laser eye surgery care. Following a comprehensive eye examination, Dr. Mithani will refer you to trusted colleagues for a further evaluation, and accurate quote. Upon completion of the surgery, Dr. Mithani will then take-over your post-operative care to ensure you achieve a speedy recovery and glasses-free vision.

The cost of progressive lenses varies significantly due to hundreds of different ‘designs’ and ‘coatings’ on the lenses. Be smart: always ask for the exact brand and design name of the lens you are purchasing, and demand a certificate of authenticity with your name on it. At Eyes in the Glebe you can trust that our lens experts will always recommend the best lens suited for your needs.

Purchasing your glasses online carries its own inherent risks. Firstly, it is unknown how a frame purchased online would fit on ones face once it arrives – this makes it impossible for the manufacturer of the lenses to know where to center your prescription both horizontally and vertically on the frame. At Eyes in the Glebe we take these specific measurements once you select a frame and it is adjusted on your face – this minimizes eye strain and potential headaches. Eyes in the Glebe will not be liable for prescription glasses elsewhere. Verifying and troubleshooting prescription glasses that were purchased elsewhere is a professional service that takes our time, and will thus incur fees.