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children's vision & vision therapy.

Children’s vision is of utmost importance as it plays a critical part in their ability to learn. Children are seen at our office as early as 6 months of age, and annually thereafter. Remember that children’s visits are covered by OHIP. Binocular vision assessments and vision therapy are our passion – get your children in for their visit!

retinal imaging & oct.

Modern advancements in technology should be used to our advantage to help preserve the gift of sight. We value the information provided by retinal imaging devices including retinal photography and optical coherence tomography. OCT scans are the standard of care for the vast majority of our patients whereby the retinal layers can be images to detect subtleties that cannot be detected by the naked eye.

computer vision syndrome.

Tired, fatigued eyes from staring at a computer screen all day can quickly take its toll on your overall well-being. A comprehensive eye examination can assist in diagnosing the root of the problem. Solutions for this common syndrome include using our ‘Enhanced Reader’ lenses at the computer to eliminate having to tilt your chin up with traditional progressive lenses. Ask us how prism therapy and blue blocker coatings can further alleviate eye strain at close range.

dry eye therapy.

Dry eye therapy begins with identifying whether the dryness is due to quick evaporation of your tear layer or whether you’re not producing enough tears. Treatment solutions include a professional recommendation of an artificial tears solution that is best for you, convenient in-office insertion of punctal plugs to slow the drainage of tears, Schirmer’s Test for the diagnosis of aqueous-deficient dry eye, the prescribing of moisture-releasing hot compresses such as Bruder Masks, and if necessary, the prescribing of auto-immune suppressing drops.

specialty contact lens fits.

Thanks to the advanced stability of toric lenses, patients with astigmatism can now wear contact lenses. For patients who demand excellent vision and stability, can also be fit by Dr. Mithani with Synergeyes Duette hybrid lenses. For patients who want to preserve their depth perception while retaining excellent distance and reading vision, multifocal contact lenses are an excellent solution. Finally, orthokeratology (ortho-k) is a fantastic option for those patients looking for clear vision without any lenses during the day.

glaucoma care.

Glaucoma is a degenerative optic nerve disease that gradually rob’s one of their peripheral vision. Advanced technological testing such as an OCT scan can measure optic nerve thickness over time, while a computerized visual field testing can detect missing spots in one’s vision. Commonly known as the ‘silent thief of sight,’ regular ocular health examinations by your optometrist can help identify subtle risk factors for early diagnosis and treatment to preserve the gift of sight.

laser eye surgery consultation.

Glasses-free vision is a dream for many. If you’re looking to make that dream a reality, a comprehensive eye examination at Eyes in the Glebe can get you on the right path. Having spent eight months interning at the laser eye surgery centers in Mississauga, ON and Houston, TX, Dr. Mithani is skilled in refractive laser eye surgery pre- and post-operative surgical care. Eyes in the Glebe works with Ottawa’s top laser eye surgery clinics to ensure your eyes are best taken care of.

custom digital lenses.

For patients requiring excellent multifocal progressive lenses, trust our chosen designs. At Eyes in the Glebe we empower our patients to request transparency when it comes to lens selection – always ask for a certificate of authenticity with your name or prescription on it to ensure you never overpay. Remember to inquire not only the brand of lens, but also the specific design of a progressive lens or ‘Enhanced Reader.’ More advanced designs allow for reduced peripheral distortion and more natural vision.

independent eyewear.

We take pride in carrying handmade independent eye wear. We value looking unique and wearing glasses of unparalleled quality. Moreover, our commitment to a quality digital fit sets us apart. Patients are more than welcome to bring in outside prescriptions to fill at our office – we are here to help! Choosing glasses should be fun and exciting – so stop by and have a look at our frame gallery for your next pair of eyeglasses.